Everyone needs help in our complicated and information-saturated world. So, why do medical professionals, healthcare organizations, and health-focused individuals need KNeilsen?

Services are available for healthcare professionals, organizations, and individuals. These services include: Wellness and Health Education, Program Development and Implementation, Wellness Counseling, Movement Instruction, Wellness Liaison/ Patient Health Advising, Healthcare Advocacy and Medical Planning, Medical Writing, Publishing, Marketing, Sales Support, and Event Planning. Furthermore, small business entrepreneurship and nonprofit development expertise and guidance is offered.

KNeilsen provides professional consulting, project collaboration, and wellness and health education for small groups and organizations. These services include employee education, training, and policy review. Service examples include program development and implementation, worksite wellness initiatives, and corporate content creation.

Individual or group wellness counseling/health “coaching” is done in person or virtually through one-on-one sessions or a small group program. The focus is on personalized education, guidance, and support, fostering empowerment and self-efficacy. A successful outcome is achieved by integrating all 7 dimensions of wellness and supporting personalized behavioral health and lifestyle modifications.

Movement instruction if offered for both individuals and small groups in yoga, restorative exercise, and natural movement. These services include integration of other movement and mind-body therapeutic principles. Education, training, and mentorship services are also available for movement instructors, educators, and other allied health professionals.

In both private clinical offices and larger healthcare organizations, a wellness liaison fulfills health advisory and patient education roles. Serving as the human extension between patients and their healthcare providers, liaisons facilitate open communication as well as foster lifestyle modifications and long-term behavior change to improve health. Furthermore, a liaison can be hired as a consultant for guest speaking engagements and for work requiring a health expert or patient leader.

Patient advocacy services provide support and guidance. An advocate serves as a patient’s voice throughout a variety of healthcare, medical, and wellness needs as well as medical planning. Personal healthcare “consulting” is a needs-based service that can overlap with patient advocacy, health coaching, and healthcare team coordination responsibilities. Distinctions depend on work descriptions, specific client needs, and contractual agreements.

Services include creation of public health, community awareness, and public policy content as well as print and digital media materials. KNeilsen also provides development, coordination and project management of virtual health education, communication, and instruction. Event broadcasting services include editing and publishing recordings, related materials, and pertinent communication. Examples of services offered: Medical writing and health journalism, grant proposals, brochures, book and eBook covers, social media graphics and branded account art, and video and audio recordings for social and eLearning platforms. (Also see “Marketing,…”)

Marketing and sales support for healthcare organizations and professionals includes strategic planning, collaboration, and coordination of events as well as community outreach and the development of digital and print materials. Marketing can also include product reviews, social media posts, podcasts, webinars, and public relations or sales support. (Also see “Writing,…”)

KNeilsen offers both live and virtual event planning. For example, services can include facilitation, coordination, and management of Professional Education and Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities/events and Grand Rounds presentations. In addition, KNeilsen has expertise in arranging conferences, workshops, classes, Q&A’s, webinars, and other programs.